Glaucoma - The Silent Thief

At Vance Thompson Vision, we know the importance of having fully functional vision. Our glaucoma research and procedures are leading the nation with top of the line surgeons and technology. An exciting innovation in glaucoma treatment is MIGS - minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. With many different options for MIGS, vision correction is only a decision away.

Glaucoma, the ‘silent thief,’ steals your vision over time. And because its a progressive disease, most people do not even realize their vision is diminishing. A disease that damages your optic nerve and fills your eye with fluid, nearly two and a half million people experience it, yet at least half of them don’t realize it.

One of our premiere MIGS options is the Glaukos iStent. Through the use of the iStent, your eye pressure is lowered, the burden of medicinal need is lessened, and your surgery is less invasive and more comfortable. Through clinical testing at Vance Thompson Vision, we discovered that the Glaukos iStent has a high success rate and provides life-changing results. If you’re a cataract patient that suffers from glaucoma, consider consulting your doctor about the potential benefits of the iStent.

Another top tier surgical option is the XEN Gel Stent. This stent is a soft, gelatin-like device that’s placed through a corneal, self-sealing incision. The gel stent will lower the pressure in your eye, much like the iStent.

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