The Many Hats of Dr. Alison Tendler

Dr. Tendler

Traveler. Adventurist. Wife. Health Fanatic. Did you know that these words describe Vance Thompson Vision’s very own ophthalmologist, Dr. Alison Tendler? If you've ever met Dr. Alison Tendler, you know that she is full of energy and has a spunky personality that makes her a blast to be around. At Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, she specializes in cataract and lens implant surgery and refractive surgery, as well as a new endeavor, Artisan 57, a skin and laser center located right here in the Vance Thompson Vision building. When she isn't working, Dr. Alison Tendler has a variety of interests to keep her busy and entertained.

After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Dakota Wesleyan University, Dr. Alison Tendler spent three months working on a service-learning project in India. During this trip, she developed a love for travel that has followed her through medical school, ophthalmology residency, and corneal fellowship, and it remains a passion today. Dr. Alison Tendler explains that beginning her traveling experience in India has led her to visit non-traditional vacation destinations. 

Dr. Alison Tendler visited Peru before Machu Picchu became a popular tourist attraction. She returned to India a few years back, this time enjoying a more lavish lifestyle than endured during her service project. While she doesn't have a "favorite" location that she returns to over and over, she compares everywhere to Fiji, saying "It's beautiful, but it's not Fiji" at picturesque places like Maui. If she loves Fiji that much, why wouldn't Dr. Alison Tendler return to Fiji constantly? "If you go to the same places all the time, you're never going to see new sights," she says. Her travels showcase her adventurous side, a side that most people wouldn't expect. She is always looking to try new things and visit new places.

In recent years, she has had the pleasure of her husband's company on her adventures. She and Paul enjoy partaking in many outdoor activities together. Rounding out the family is Cooper, Dr. Alison Tendler's ten-year-old yellow lab. The lab has been a great joy in Dr. Alison Tendler's life, joining her on many walks as she remains fit.

Her passion for health and fitness began in her earliest college days, and she makes a point to maintain her health today. Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Alison Tendler works out almost every day, utilizing a variety of different DVDs and activities to prevent boredom and lack of interest. Her most recent favorites include Turbo Fire® and Insanity®--yikes! Exercise isn't the only way Dr. Alison Tendler stays healthy. She makes sure to eat nutritious foods that provide her with all of the beneficial nutrients her body needs. These nutrients aid in the production of collagen, a protein that gives the skin its elasticity and strength. Without this nutrient, fine lines and wrinkles form. Her newest adventure at Vance Thompson Vision, Artisan 57 Skin and Laser Center, works to correct these issues through medical grade skin care, esthetician services, and injectables.