SMILE Press Release

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At Vance Thompson Vision, we work tirelessly to expand our field of technology to reduce patients dependence on glasses and contact lenses. We do this to ensure that patients have the most personalized, most high-quality options available in the world today. Our team worked with ZEISS to assist in developing a recently-approved advancement in laser vision correction. It’s called SMILE, and like other refractive surgery procedures, it uses the most advanced laser technologies to correct vision and reduce dependency on spectacle wear.

Here's how it works. Using what’s called a femtosecond laser, the VisuMax laser by ZEISS performs the SMILE procedure by removing a small portion of the cornea from within the cornea itself. This is called a small incision lenticular extraction—SMILE. The laser takes out a thin layer of the cornea from the middle of the cornea to re-shape it. Patients experience LASIK-like outcomes with a more comfortable healing process.

The doctors at Vance Thompson Vision worked closely with the company to create milestones in the technologies developed and were one of the top recruiting sites in the country to submit their data to the Food and Drug Administration. Though Vance Thompson Vision has been using the VisuMax laser for the past 6 years, the most recent FDA approval includes a wider range of treatment, allowing people with higher corrections and astigmatism to be candidates for SMILE. In some cases, if you weren't a candidate for laser vision correction before, you may now qualify thanks to our most recent advancements in technology.

“We always strive to be on the forefront of new innovation and bringing that technology to market so we can have a number of different options to fit a patient, not a patient to an option,” said Dr. Vance Thompson. “That’s why it is so important we participate in studies like this one, the technology is always changing.”

In the last 10 years, over 1.5 million SMILE treatments have been performed worldwide constituting over 10% of global laser vision correction procedures. To date, there are over 1700 surgeons using SMILE in over 70 countries. Not only did the Vance Thompson Vision team work to get this treatment approved, but will now offer this technology to best treat the patients that walk through our doors.

“We’ve been involved in over 20 refractive surgery studies, but this one has been the biggest thus far which is something to be excited about,” said Dr. John Berdahl. “This treatment has seen great success, and at Vance Thompson Vision we are dedicated to continuing new technologies for the upper midwest and mountain west to bring more options to patients.”

To learn more about this treatment, or other treatments that may be best for you, schedule a free consultation by calling Vance Thompson Vision.