Information About Cornea Procedures

About Corneal Procedures

The cornea is one of the most instrumental parts of the eye in regards to vision. Our optometrists and ophthalmologists at Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, SD offer several procedures designed to reshape or even transplant the cornea in order to improve the vision of our patients. Additionally, they are skilled at identifying and diagnosing any corneal disease or injury that may be impairing one's vision. Schedule a consultation today if you fear your vision may be suffering due to a misshapen or injured cornea.

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As a protection for your vision, the cornea is a dome-shaped, translucent layer that covers the front of the eye to refract light and preserve sight.


Recovery Time
1 week - 1 month

Phototherapeutic keratectomy, or PTK, addresses a patient's vision impairment issues by removing the portions of the cornea that are uneven or cloudy.

Recovery Time
3 days

By reshaping the cornea into a cone instead of a domed shape, keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that reduces vision and thins the cornea.

Recovery Time
3 - 4 days

When performed before the cornea becomes too weak or misshaped, a cross-linking procedure can preserve or even enhance the contour of the cornea.

Recovery Time
1 year

A full-thickness cornea transplant involves removing the damaged cornea from the eye and surgically replacing it with a donor cornea.

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