Information About Laser Vision Correction Procedures

About Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction is an incredible way to improve the eyesight of those who have grown tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses. At Vance Thompson Vision, our team of professionals offers LASIK, SMILE, and PRK procedures to make tiny adjustments to the shape of the eye in order to optimize the flow of light into the eye. These treatments are minimally invasive and usually have short recovery times, making them an easy choice for anyone wanting to get back to their usual daily activities as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation in Sioux Falls, SD today to discuss which of these options could work for you.

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During a LASIK procedure, we create a small flap and use a laser to reshape the eye's surface, creating clear vision without glasses or contacts.

During a SMILE procedure, we measure and remove a thin layer of your cornea, which reshapes the surface of your eye for clearer vision.


During a PRK procedure, we remove a tiny layer of the eye's surface and use a laser to reshape it, creating clear vision without glasses or contacts.

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