Vance Thompson Vision Sioux Falls Videos

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Vance Thompson is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Sioux Falls, SD specializing in laser vision correction and advanced cataract surgery.

Dr. Berdahl is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Sioux Falls, SD specializing in corneal, glaucoma, cataract & refractive surgery.


Emily did her research before having LASIK surgery and chose Vance Thompson Vision for their dedication to offering patients the most advanced technology.

After having LASIK at Vance Thompson Vision, Gary's daughter insisted that's where he should have his cataract surgery. Gary wanted the very best vision, so he chose to have advanced cataract surgery at Vance Thompson Vision.

For Kristi, being able to see clearly is incredibly important. Vance Thompson Vision cares just as much about vision as Kristi does. See how Kristi's procedure has impacted her life today.

Cory shares how LASIK has improved his vision and his ability as a musician.

Candace chose Vance Thompson Vision for her cataract and LASIK surgery because she wanted the very best care. See how Candace's cataract procedure has improved her vision and her life.


Dr. Doug Wallin loves his LASIK because it helps him understand and connect with patients considering the benefits of LASIK for themselves.

See how Dr. Justin Schweitzer learned the importance of having an experienced, trusted LASIK surgeon for his own LASIK procedure - and how his experience now benefits his own patients.

See how Dr. Mitch Ibach uses his LASIK vision to benefit patients every day.

Dr. Jason Schmit loves his LASIK because he’s experienced the benefits of clear vision for over 20 years